How to modify Mail Templates in social engine

In social engine we have different mail templates for different notifications like new signup, verify email, likes, comments, subscribe and many more.  

Various notification emails are sent to your members as they interact with the community. You may find that you want to change the default templates to be more customized for your siteAdmin can modify the mail templates from admin panel. In Admin Panel we have mail templates page under settings menu. 

Admin route:

Admin panel -> settings -> Mail Templates

Please check the following steps:

 - Login as a admin and go to admin panel, In admin panel under settings menu select mail templates menu item.

- After that you will see mail templates page, here select the mail template which you want to edit, for this click on choose message field and select the mail template.

- After selecting mail template, you can edit the subject message or message body content according to your requirements.  

Note: Each mail templates comes with some default placeholder that you can use in your message body. 

- After that click on save changes and it's done.

Mail Templates

For more details please click on this link:


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