How to clone theme in Social engine

In Social engine we have good feature for clone the theme. Using this feature we can clone the current activate theme and do our custom styling in it.
Sometime client want modification into theme design for this we need to clone the current Active theme and do all customization in that clone theme, the original theme files not modified no change. It is very useful when we update the theme all our custom changes not removed  because we do the customization in cloned theme files not the original one.

 For this you need to go admin panel and select "Theme Editor" sub-menu under "Appearance" menu. Please check the following image:

Clone Theme Social Engine

On Theme editor page you can Upload new theme, Activate any theme, Modify theme styling using CSS code, Delete any theme, Clone the theme etc.

For Clone the theme just click on "Clone" link and after that form is open just fill that form and submit it you will see on Theme Editor page your cloned theme is exist.

Clone Theme Social Engine

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