How to add new profile field and profile type in social engine

User profile fields are very useful and important for users. Profile fields used in Signup process, Browse Members Search Form and also display on user profile page.

Using profile fields we can add any numbers of fields into signup form also we have options where we want to display these fields.

How to visit the user profile fields page from Admin:

- Go to Admin -> Settings -> Profile Questions or direct hit the following link:

How to add new field, How to create new profile type and how to add heading for all these questions please check this following image:

Profile Fields Settings

- Editing Profile Type: Select profile type which you want to edit.

- Add Questions: For Add new question click on "Add Questions" link.

- Add Heading: For Add new heading like personal Information than click on "Add Heading" link.

- Rename Profile Type: You can also rename the profile type name using rename profile type link for example you want to change Regular Member to Default Member profile type.  

- Create New Profile Type: You can also create new profile type using create new profile type link.

- You can also edit or delete any fields or headings that you created or default one.

How fields display on signup page:

Profile Fields Front View

For more info about profile fields please visit this following link:>-profile-questions


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