How to enable maintenance mode in social engine

In Social engine we have option in Admin panel from where we can enable or disable the maintenance mode. We can also set the maintenance code, users who have this code only access the site this is one of the best feature in social engine. Whenever your site in development process you can enable the site maintenance mode.

For enable this we have two methods.  

First Method (Through Admin Panel): 

Login as a admin and go to admin panel.

Admin Panel -> Settings -> General Settings

On this page you see Maintenance Mode settings here you need to select the offline mode and set the maintenance mode access code.

Social engine Maintenance Mode

for more details please visit the following link:

Second Method (Through coding):

First method is easy admin can manage it from admin panel but sometime we don't have Admin access than using coding we can enable or disable the maintenance mode. 

Here are the steps:

- Connect with server through FTP and go to directory where social engine is install. 

- Go to application -> settings and download the general.php file.

- You can enable/disable maintenance mode or change the maintenance code or even change the environment (Production or Development) through general.php file.
- In this file you will see maintenance array here you need to change the enabled value. If you want to enable maintenance mode set enabled value to true, otherwise make it false. Same as you can change the code value. Also you can change the website environment mode by changing 'environment _mode'  value production to development or development to production.

Note: Before update the file please take a backup because this is the very important file.

Actual Code will look like this:

<?php defined('_ENGINE') or die('Access Denied'); return array (
  'maintenance' => 
  array (
    'enabled' => true,
    'code' => 'jej78456',
  'environment_mode' => 'production',
); ?>


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