How to Hide Your YouTube Subscriber Count in 2020

Hi, If you want to hide your Subscriber count from your channel and your videos just follow these following steps:

Step 1:

- Go to Youtube make sure you are login after that click on your profile photo from right hand top side.

- After click on profile photo drop-down menu will be display from this menu select YouTube Studio.

First Step Hide YouTube Subscriber Count

Step 2:

- When you click on YouTube Studio your channel dashboard will be open, here you need to click on settings link from left side menu.

YouTube Settings
Step 3:

- When you click on settings than settings POPUP will be display just like below attached screenshot. Here you need to click on channel -> Advanced Settings

- In Advanced settings you will see option "Subscriber Count" you need to unchecked this option.

- After that save the changes.

YouTube Hide Subscriber Count

That's it! Your Subscriber count will be hidden. You can check and test it in your channel.

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